Training Course Accreditation

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These pages are to assist organizations registering training courses for accreditation.

Please choose the process you wish to start by selecting the applicable link below:

Submit your first training course for accreditation

Select the link above if you do not yet have any courses accredited by The Open Group.

Submit a change

Select the link above if you want to make a change to your accredited course. You must report any change that may affect your accreditation. Examples are adding new trainers, making significant changes in your training material, changing your organization's name, changing the name used when marketing your course, changing the people designated as accrediation contacts, changing the person who is the ATC Manager, adding a delivery method, adding a language, or other major changes. You must contact the The Open Group and submit a request to update your accreditation within 30 days of such change.

Add an Affiliate

Select the link above to add an organization as an Affiliate of your Accredited Training Course. All Affiliates must be registered prior to delivering or supporting the delivery of an Accredited Training Course.

Affiliates, Brokers and ATC Providers Factsheet PDF Document.

Add a course

Select the link above if you already deliver an Open Group accredited course and wish to get another course accredited, either within the same program or in another program.


Select the link above if your existing accredited course is due for re-accreditation.