Value Proposition

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The Open Group Healthcare Forum Value Proposition

The Open Group Healthcare Forum helps to identify solutions to healthcare interoperability, digital health, and security through the application of the following assets:

  • The Forum is vendor-neutral and consensus-driven. It is independent and does not represent a single standards body or technology vendor.
  • The members of the Forum bring deep industry experience from key organizations around the globe; they contribute a wide range of stakeholder perspectives; they apply innovative and agile solutions to business problem sets addressed by the Forum.
  • The Forum combines business and technology orientations with structured problem-solving approaches – using models, frameworks, and architecture-thinking – to address real-world problems that beset the healthcare industry and evade simple solutions.
  • The Forum believes health and healthcare should be viewed from a person-centric perspective.
  • The Forum believes health data should follow the person. It rejects point-to-point (“one-off”) interoperation solutions in favor of longitudinal, cross-system ones.
  • The Forum focuses primarily on making existing standards work. It encourages collaboration among Standards Development Organizations (SDOs), of which The Open Group is one.

In short, the Forum’s orientation to the interoperability problem is holistic and systems-oriented. Members do not believe IT problems merely require technical solutions. Instead, we draw on multi-dimensional – e.g., business, technical, patient-centered, organizational, workflow – solutions to develop keen understandings of the interdependence of elements in the Healthcare Forum’s Healthcare Landscape. This approach is closely aligned with efforts to address the broad goals expressed in the “triple aim” and the “learning healthcare system.”