Projects and Activities

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Working towards an improved ArchiMate® standard

The ArchiMate® standard is evolving to address modelers needs supporting  your Enterprise

The Open Group ArchiMate Forum has released now the new version of the Standard. Click here to know more about the new features.

In here you can also download the specification.


There are also other activities going on in the Forum to update the ArchiMate® Ecosystem:Case studies update, white papers and guides

Also the ArchiMate Forum is working in the improvement of the following standard to comply with ArchiMate 3.0:

ArchiMate® Exchange File Formal : Supporting Interoperability

A standard file format that can be used to exchange ArchiMate models between tools

that create or interpret ArchiMate® models supporting information exchange between different platforms 


Model Exchange File Format standard

TOGAF® and ArchiMate® harmonization standards 

Working towards a better usage and alignment